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Refrigerator And Freezer Thermostat Replacement Information

If you need a replacement thermostat for your refrigerator, freezer or Walk-in cooler you have come to the right web page. When you provide us with a Manufacturer name model and serial number we will match the correct replacement for your application. 

Some thermostats read temperature by sensing the air. Some thermostats are imbedded into the evaporator coil for sensing the temperature. In some Walk-in cooler applications a pressure control is installed in the refrigeration circuit telling your compressor when to cut in and cut out.

If you are getting temperature fluctuations you may want to try and calibrate with an accurate digital temperature probe.


The picture above represents a pig tail style thermostat. The end portion or (Pig Tail) is inserted into the fin portion of the evaporator to sense the temperature of the refrigerator or freezer.

The picture above represents a thermostat that senses the temperature by the actual air flow of the refrigerator or freezer.

The above picture is a temperature control that also senses air temperature. The actual temperature cut in and cut out points are visible in the window scale and can be adjusted accordingly.