Restaurant Managers & Owners Prefer Quality Service
With the advent of the the big box stores making their name in the online sales market one might ask, How can we possibly compete? We have been concerned with the competition and have manged to retain loyal customers by offering what the big box retailers cannot.

First lets start with our ability to offer a live person on the other end of the phone. Not only are you getting one on one treatment for your refrigeration or restaurant repair parts questions, you are getting a individual that can look up detailed information that the big box stores just can't provide.

By direct communication with our customers providing us with model number and serial number information we can give you exact parts information.We can tell if a part has changed, been upgraded or may even now be obsolete. 

We have the ability to taylor special discount favor with customers that do specific volume in a years time or offer special shipping options that best fit your budget.

So when I am asked by people if I'm concerned how the big box stores effect us, I reply they just cant compete with us on a personal level. We understand the restaurant repair business and we understand the cumbersome task that restaurant owners and managers deal with on a daily basis. We strive on good communication and delivering a experience that keeps our customers coming back.
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