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Walk-in Cooler Repair Service

Walk-in Cooler Walk-in Refrigerator And Freezer Repair

Starting with a walk-in refrigerator a service company will probably be looking for the obvious things first. Are the fans working? Is the evaporator frozen and is it clean? Is the condenser clean and fan operating? Is the compressor operating? If the basics are in order, then the refrigerant will need to be checked.

A Walk-in freezer will go thru the same process as a refrigerator with a few more details as there are a few more components. If the evaporator is frozen solid it could be several things. Is the defrost heater working? Is the defrost timer working? Is the defrost going thru a complete cycle or time set for timer duration?

We hope you found this information helpful when getting ready to call out a service or repair company. Educating your self on some of these simple things will give you an advantage when dealing with the repair.