RE: does every part have a price?

lets talk gaskets; many sizes .. that's dimension ... many profiles, that's spec of the material gaskets are made from, and many mount-styles, that's how you install it - screw-in, push-in, snap-in... many colors... gotcha! that's a nope, not really.. usually black, grey, or occasionally blue..., if you don't know specifc mfg gasket part number for your unit, info from data plate will reveal all. and you do want the right gasket for your box the first time you order it, right? so, does every part have a price? the answer: not in this case, not for the first three people who need True gasket part number 810810... is that you? don't know? well now you know how to find out; just email your model and serial number, and we'll let you know ... your place in the that trifecta is held upon receipt of that info, and if that's your part; we'll send you one .. even if your gasket(s) still looks in good condition, wouldn't it be nice to have one on your shelf, so no panic in replacing when needed? no panic .. now there's a great phrase ... and great way to run your business. because maintaining your equipment is necessary, it should be satisfying .. well guess what? we think it can even be fun ... stay tuned to see how, but for now, a free part is a good start...
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